Clues In Dead Pedestrian Mystery

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Reno police believe a woman struck and killed while lying in the road may have been dragged by another vehicle from where she crashed her car on an icy road a mile from where she was found.
Gemma Zimmerman, 41, was driving to work Tuesday morning when her car slid off the road and crashed into a tree. She was able to
get out of her vehicle, which had caught on fire, police said.
A short time later, someone reported a woman lying in the road
had been struck more than a mile away, police said. Three cars were
able to avoid hitting her, but a trailing car was unable to change
lanes in time.
Authorities said it would have been impossible for Zimmerman to
have walked that far on the icy pavement in so short a time.
"By our estimations, it would have taken her 18 minutes to walk
on a dry surface to where she was found, but that's impossible,"
said police Detective Troy Callahan. "How did she get there?"
Investigators believe she may have passed out near her vehicle
and been accidentally struck by another motorist and dragged.
She was taken to Washoe Medical Center, where she died later
that day.