Utility Fee For Douglas Senior Center

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Douglas County commissioners have endorsed a plan to impose a utility fee to fund construction of a new senior center.
Under the proposal, the fee would be phased in with 1 percent
effective in July, followed by an additional half-percent in July
Officials estimate it would cost the average Douglas county
household $27.60 a year initially, rising to $48.30.
The measure passed Thursday on a 3-2 vote and must be approved
again before taking effect.
In 2004, Douglas County voters rejected a ballot question that
sought a similar fee to fund a new senior center, community center
and arts facility.
Designed to accommodate Douglas County's growing senior
population, the new 24,800-square-foot center would be located on
25 acres known as the Bently Depot Yard, northeast of Highway 395
in Minden.
The tentative schedule calls for design contracts to be awarded
this summer with construction to begin a year later. County
officials hope the facility will be open in July 2008.