Washed Out Road at Pyramid Lake

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Heavy rains have washed away the entire roadbed underneath the asphalt of the roda, creating this enormous sinkhole only forty yards from the lake's edge.

Rich Riolo, a local resident says that "If that keeps going and if our road keeps going, we're afraid something is going to happen to that sewer station there."

Or worse. Riolo is worried the eroding cliffside could take down the fuel tank, possibly dumping thousands of gallons into pristine Pyramid Lake.

Already, the last storm loosened a rock that smashed the water main...shutting off water to the R.V. Park and the local market.

"We'd like to see the tribe or the B.I.A -- somebody get together and let's start doing something instead of just talking about it," pleads Riolo.

While visiting the site, we happened to run into Randy Tobey, the Vice Chairman for the Tribal Council. That's the group in charge of making the decisions to fix the road.

"We're going to build the berms up to help control the runoff. Then we can channel it to key areas. Hopefully that will help stabilize it for now in a temporary situation," says Tobey.

Riolo and other locals who use this road -- the only access point to the RV park -- aren't satisfied with that answer...knowing a fierce winter rainstorm can begin at any moment.

The tribal council's vice chairman says they're considering several possible permanent solutions. But it could take a couple of months to implement them. Just the duration of the rainy season.