Carson City Covered in Mud!

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Ash Creek is one of the areas that city officials are very closely monitoring. While rain is not so much of an issue anymore...mud and debris blockage -- that could cause more flooding -- certainly is.

During most times of the year, the creek in the Waterfall Fire burn area is a mere trickle. But after two major storms, it's gushing several feet higher than it should...threatening to overflow its banks and onto Longview road.

"The Waterfall Fire -- we're seeing the effects of it now. The mud coming out of the westside has really plugged our storm drain system. That's probably what caused us the most problems is the mud," says Andy Burnham with Carson City's Public Works Department.

The mud destruction can be seen all throughout Carson City.

Don't even try driving on Comb Canyon Road! Portions of it have collapsed several feet! mudslides have wiped out the roadbed in several stretches.

Bordewich Bray Elementary was spared from the sticky, heavy mud by only a few feet! Well-placed sandbags saved the day for this school only blocks from the capitol building.

And of course the mud caused thousands of homeowners a cleanup nightmare.

"We had quite a bit of mud and water flow down Ash Canyon here. It backed up pretty well at the intersection," says Dan Anderson, a Carson City Homeowner.

There's quite a few more water hazards on the Empire Ranch Golf Course! Much of it is underwater and likely will be for a while. The once rolling greens now look more like Florida swampland!

At the banks of the Carson River, just outside of Carson City, a nature trail has clearly been washed away by the water.

The flood level for the Carson River is 10 feet. But on Sunday around noon, the river crested -- right here outside of Carson City -- at 12 and a half feet.

Given the swollen nature of this river, city officials will continue to monitor its situation very, very closely.