Parents Pay Tribute To Fallen Soldier

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Pvt. Joshua Morberg, who was killed this week in Iraq, came from a long line of military veterans and graduated high school early to enlist in the Army, his parents said Friday.
"Since he was a little kid, he wanted to be in the military,"
his mother, Victoria, told reporters invited to the family's home.
She said her grandfather had been in World War II and Korea, and
that her and her husband's family members had served in virtually
every military branch.
"We're very proud of our military background," she said.
Morberg, 20, of Sparks, was one of two U.S. Army soldiers killed
Tuesday in Baghdad when an explosive device detonated near them.
His father, Mark, said members of another military patrol had
come under attack and some were killed. Despite the clear danger,
his son led the effort to help.
"They were fallen brothers in arms. Tragically, Josh was
killed, as well."
Joshua Morberg was the 15th Nevadan to die in Iraq.
His parents were joined Friday by his 15-year-old sister Grayce
and several young men Morberg grew up with and considered his
"They came over here for dinner once a week," Mark Morberg
He said his son had been in Iraq only a short time and had not
had much opportunity to send e-mail - usually asking what was
happening at home rather than relating his experiences in Iraq.
"He didn't want to go into a lot of details because he didn't
want us to worry," Mark Morberg said.
Morberg's sister, wearing a T-shirt that said, "I Love My
Soldier," sobbed quietly.
Her mother said Grayce and her brother were inseparable. If he
and his "brothers" went somewhere, she was part of the group.
"He was like the best person I knew. I loved him for so many
reasons," Grayce said.
Mark Morberg said he was honored that Sparks Mayor Gino Martini
asked the city to lower its flags to half staff.
"Josh was there for us, and we were very proud of him," Mark
Morberg said. "He's one of our stars as well as one of the
community's stars."