Trends in Plastic Surgery Part 2

Local plastic surgone Dr. Louis Bonaldi says his patient base is much for educated now than ten years ago." I think the internet has done wonders for consumers. I think 80-percent of my patients come in not only with websites with pictures from websites and a lot of questions based on what they have read.
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or A-S-A-P-S says the sophisticated consumer will look for board certification, accrediation of surgical facilities when considering both a surgery and a plastic surgeon. This could benefit the industry by demanding higher standards from all those involved.
Which brings us to another prediction. Discount injectables brought offshore and offered at "too good to be true" prices will alert consumers to protect themselves and seek out qualified physicians with appropriate training, credentials, and judgement.
[The society predicts large scale clinical trails will take place to confirm the safety and effectiveness of minimally invasive procedures like the so-called lunch hour facelift, or fat melting without surgery.
Look for more cosmetic fillers to hit the market in the coming year. But experts say be sure to ask about the longevity of the well as who is doing the procedure. A misjudgement as to what these products can do for you can be a waste of money or worse change your appearance for the worse.
And finally the society warns consumers about so called, "cosmetic surgery vacations." Such programs offer an exotic trip which includes plastic surgery. Physician qualifications, facility accrediation, and follow-up all need to be thoroughly investigated.
Dr. Louis Bonaldi says it call comes down to buyer beware. " It is a serious thing especially cosmetic surgery and if you go off shore you just never know what you are getting yourself in to."
The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is an organization of accrediated Plastic Surgeons. The Society bases its predictions on interviews with hightly trained plastic surgeons around the country.