Plastic Surgery Predictions 2006

We know that 90-percent of all cosmetic surgeries are done on women. Those surgeries are grouped into surgical and non-surgical procedure--liposuction is the the number one surgery with Botox the number one in office procedure.
While those trends are expected to stay the course...there may be some slight changes in 2006.
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery predicts silicone breast implants will dominate the U-S market once they receive final F-D-A approval next year. The society says it will be in part due to their more natural feel and appearance. Local Plastic Surgeon Dr. Louis Bonaldi says plenty of clinical trails have been conducted on the safety of these devices...and the devices themselves have improved since they were taken off the market. " It is not the right thing for everybody but at least within the next we will be give everybody that choice."
Last year New Jersey became the first state in the country to tax certain cosmetic surgeries at six-percent. Physician owned surgical centers are taxed at three-point-five-percent. While other states like Washington and Illinois were looking at cosmetic surgery taxes as a new source of income, the society predicts the trend will stop at the garden state's gate.
The society also predicts more men and minorities will decide to go under the knife. Right now minority populations account for 20-percent of all plastic surgeries...Men represent the fasting growing segment of the surgery market.
Dr. Louis Bonaldi says the average male patient is in his 50s . "The most common operation in men is lids and liposuction, liposuction is number one, eyelids is number two..oh you know the beer guts and love handles that kind of stuff, chest is a big one."
The society also predicts as the demand for non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures continues to grow..surgeons, science and manufacturers will respond with even better results with less recovery time.