Iraq Bound

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Captain Koby Harding is almost packed and ready to go. Two of the last - yet most important - items he'll put i his bag are his IPOD and a photo album filled with shots of his pets, and his wife Laurel who's expecting to give birth to their son in May. The couple says its always difficult to part, but they're relieved because they were together for Christmas...unlike a previous deployment that took Harding away on Thanksgiving Day through january..
This will be Harding's 4th deployment to Iraq, and he says this mission - which he volunteered for - is just as important as the first. As for his safety, he says he's not worried, even though this time, he's expecting his first child.
Harding will join about 40 Nevada Guard Airmen on a C-130 headed for Iraq, where they'll spend two months. The group will include personnel from the 152nd airlift wing, maintenance squadron and intelligence squadron, all based in Reno. Their primary mission is to support ground troops with intelligence, reconnaissance and survaillance.....using the Nevada Air Guard's Scathe-View infrared cameras. They transmit live pictures from the air, so officials can monitor what's happening on the ground. Its the same technology used to battle wildfires here in Nevada.