Shopping Season

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The shopping season is far from over, but the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas have proved to be busy ones for retail across the country.
But, even with 30 days between the two holidays... something that hasn't happened since 1992, there will always be last minute shoppers.

10-year old Shea Lothrop says she came out with her sister and dad to finish up all of their shopping for each other.
"Why the last-minute shopping?"
"Because we thought there wouldn't be a lot of people here, but I guess there are."

Cynthia Moore, with Meadowood Mall, says they expect this to be the best year ever for the retailers.
"This last week has been very exciting, a lot of people shopping. And, people are doing something different this year, they're coming in very early and staying very late. So, they're shopping the whole, entire day we're open."

Those filling the crowd Saturday to shop the entire day were mostly men... and everyone has their own prediction as to why this happens year after year.

Bradley Lundeen is one of those men who had to go shopping for his wife.
"Procrastination, just busy season. Just last-minute shopping. It's better I waited because yesterday and last week, it's been crazy. It's kind of cool that it's not that busy today."

The national retail federation trade group is counting on the shopping to continue next week to fill it's expectation for a high spending season, even though a recent survey predicts you'll spend ten dollars less this year on gifts, averaging about 466-dollars for the entire season.