Search For Missing Woodcutter

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Deputies are frantically searching for a woodcutter who may have sawed off his own leg. This all started when The Lyon County Sheriff's office got a desperate call for help at around noon Thursday.
Officials say they think the call is legitimate. The man said he cut off his led with a chain saw and needed an ambulence. But the phone went dead before he could say where he was.
Deputies started searching anyway, in wooded areas all over Lyon County. Then at around 7 pm, they got phone call from a Minden man who saw the story on the news. He said he knows a woodcutter who goes out alone in the Sunrise Pass area, which is right at the border of Lyon and Douglas Counties.
After that tip, search and rescue teams from Douglas County and Carson City were also called in to help. They've also flown over the area with helicopters, but visibility was poor because of the weather.
Search teams will be out looking late into the night, but as time passes, they obviously become far more concerned about this man's condition. If you have any information on a man who may be missing, call Lyon County Dispatch at 775-463-6620.