Changes In Washoe Election Ballots

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Washoe County election officials say bar codes on sample ballots will help speed up the voting process on Election
Day and avoid human errors of giving people the wrong ballot.
County commissioners Tuesday approved the procedure offered by
Voter Registrar Dan Burk as a way to streamline procedures at
polling places.
But commissioners delayed until January action on another
proposal to add up to 300 voting machines for early voting at the
request of Commissioner Jim Galloway.
Galloway expressed concerns that making early voting more
convenient benefits well financed candidates, who are better able
to get their message out to voters weeks before the election.
"Early voting increases the role of money. A person who can
advertise four to five weeks ahead of the election can get their
message out and can continue the effort all the way until election
day," Galloway said.
Burk said the added machines for early voting would cut down the
time people wait in lines.
The county had only 65 voting machines for early voting in 2004,
and some people waited in line for up to three hours, Burk said.
He said his goal is to limit waiting times to no more than 30
minutes for early voting and 45 minutes on election days.
Last month, the Washoe County School Board approved a request by election officials to close schools on Election Day to accommodate
throngs of voters. Many schools are used as polling locations.
The day will be used as a training day for teachers, but
students will have the day off.
Elections officials say that will give them more room to set up
voting machines.