Juvenile Sentenced In Shooting Death

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A 16-year-old Reno boy has been sentenced to
state juvenile custody for the August shooting death of an
The boy was 15 when he shot and killed Quynn Hooper in August
with a gun stolen from his grandmother. Police said the two were at
the home of a mutual friend and that the victim warned the boy to
put the gun away.
The youth pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter earlier
this month after a judge ruled he should be tried as a juvenile and
not an adult.
Authorities said the boy will be evaluated by juvenile
corrections staff, who will determine where he will be sent and
what programs he will complete. According to Nevada law, those
officials will determine when he will be released.
During a sentencing hearing Tuesday, family members said the
victim had been staying with his grandparents and helping to care
for his grandmother, Trish Hooper, who has breast cancer.
"He was my strength in so many ways," Hooper said. "He said
we were going to beat this and I'm going to show you how.
"He told me I was going to look funny bald," she said. "We
laughed. He was killed by someone with a gun who should not have
had one."
The boy's family addressed the Hoopers during the hearing and
asked them to forgive the boy, who is remorseful and has nightmares
about the shooting.
They described his troubled life, how he was born with cocaine
in his system and later watched his mother, a prostitute, die in
his living room.
He has been plagued by behavioral problems and learning
disabilities, they said. Doctors earlier testified he was dependent
on marijuana and unable to control impulses.