Stolen Christmas

Stolen Christmas
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Frankie Sky says she's trying her best to raise her six-year-old son Nick on her own. She juggles her job as a waitress with spending as much time as she can at Nick's school, where he takes classes for his special needs.
"Its been a real tough go," Sky says. "We've worked very hard to get on our feet and survive."
They were both looking forward to Christmas this year until Frankie's car was stolen. It was their lifeline. Now they're trying to get around on buses, in cabs or on foot.
"We have to walk on cold streets and our legs hurt. Its sad," Nick says.
"The minute I wake up, I have to think how am I going to get to work with my little boy, how can i get him dropped off at day care," Sky says.
The Sky's also lost all of their Christmas gifts, which were in the trunk of the car. Frankie says she didn't ask for anything, but some of her customers and coworkers noticed she was upset, and started helping out to make sure Nick would have something under the tree this Christmas. The Reno Police officers who responded to the car theft also pitched in.
"I thank you so very much," Sky says. "From the bottom of my heart. You are more than generous. You saved Christmas."
She says the generosity of strangers have given them a lot to be thankful for this Christmas, in spite of their loss. As for little Nick, he has a special wish for Santa this year.
"If you are out there, please find our car."