Child Sex Crime Arrest

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Friday, detectives got a search warrant of Banks' house.
According to the warrant, they seized 22 Computer CDs and DVDs, 22 Video Tapes, 5 P-C Towers, 12 Computer Floppy Disks, A web cam, and notepads.
The probable cause arrest report, obtained by News Channel 8, shows "the forensic search also located a total of eight videos...which depicted a child under the age of 16, engaged in sexual intercourse with an adult male."
Deputies say Banks was only seen in one of the videos...performing sex acts with a seven-year-old girl.
They're investigating Banks' involvement in distributing the tapes over the internet.
In addition to eight counts of possession of child pornography...
Banks has also been charged with 12 counts of sexual assault of a minor.
6 counts of lewdness with a minor.
1 count of the use of a minor producing child porn.
And, 1 count of promotion of sexual performance of a minor.
Banks is in the Washoe County jail on 520- thousand dollars bail.