Winter Dehydration

Temperatures are a little warmer today than over the past weekend. Which means many local residents took time out to get some exercise out at Virginia Lake. One of them is Greg Steiger. He tries to get in a couple of miles with his kids, and because its exercise he doesn't forget the water and juice.
" Why, so that we don't get dehydrated, we stay well hydrated. Especially with the little guy a bring him a bottle of formula, and with Matthew I usually bring him some juice."
But not everyone is like Greg, according to medical personnel, seniors and young kids may forget to drink plenty of water or other fluids in winter. It may be because the sun is sometimes hidden, and temperatures are cooler. St. Mary's emergency room physician Dr. Jennifer Sahm says for the elderly it has a lot to do with staying indoors." Because of forced air in the home and no humidifier in the home it causes a drying environment."
But its not just seniors that can run into dehydration problems. Animals too may run into it too. Veterinarians say horses don't like to drink really cold water. Dr. Bridget Landon DVM says when the horse won't drink it can lead to serious health problems. " it pre-disposes them to colic impaction colic which is where their feed becomes impacted in their colon and they develop all the colic signs, they roll, they get sick and its just a real big ordeal for them."
Dr. Landon says cats need fresh water every day...dogs aren't as particular...they just need to have it available.
For people, drinking just plain water several times a day it the best recommendation.
Alcohol, or drinks with caffeine don't count as they work as diuretics and actually take fluid away from the body.

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