Ski Theft Sting

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Citing an ongoing problem of theft, at least two Lake Tahoe ski resorts plan to conduct undercover sting operations this winter to nab ski and snowboard thieves.
Heavenly and Sierra-at-Tahoe security personnel say they will
watch for thieves after periodically leaving skis and snowboards
unlocked and unattended at the south shore resorts.
Sierra-at-Tahoe officials say they also are beefing up their
ten-thousand-dollar security camera system, which they say was
partly responsible for a sharp increase in theft arrests last
At Heavenly, roving patrols will join the search for thieves in
crowded areas.
But with thousands of snowboarders and skiers at the resorts,
security officials acknowledge they're facing an uphill battle.
That's why they're urging users to lock their gear or check it
into designated resort areas.