The Snow is Here

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Local law enforcement officers are asking that you stay home Sunday night until this clears a bit to give you the traction you need to hit the road safely.

Sgt. Scott McGregor, with the Nevada Highway Patrol, says when the snow become ice, it's best to avoid the roads completely.
"If you hit ice what you want to not do is brake suddenly because that's when you're going to lose control of your steering. You want to brake slowly and steer out of the rotation."

However, if you do have to get to work or school and you know there's ice on the road: plan ahead, take your time and be prepared to skid.

April Garcia and her husband say they feel more confidant on the road with proper tires.
"We had two wheel drive before and we've had this all wheel drive for about a month now and there's a significant difference in driving, it's amazing."

Although driving in the snow can be easier with four wheel drive or snow tires, Sgt. McGregor says people still need to be cautious... especially if they're starting to feel a little too comfortable on our roads.
"Be sure and use four wheel drive if you have it, and realize that just because you have four wheel drive doesn't mean you can drive beyond conditions."

Now that our roads are icy, he says it really is beyond a safe condition for anyone.... drivers agree, saying everyone needs to realize his or her own limitations.
"If you're smart enough to recognize and say let me stop and slow down, let me figure something out. You know, I think the problem is when people think they can handle anything. That's when the most accidents occur."