Settlement Reached

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The union representing local teachers, the Washoe Educators Association, says they are relieved tonight and they say feedback from members has been positive so far.

The group says a teachers starting salary is 27 thousand dollars right now, but the new contract increases that to 31 thousand and tops out at 64 thousand.
In addition to that, the agreement calls for a 3 percent raise, this year and next year.

Paul Dugan, the superintendent, says all party's involved were very focused to avoid arbitration.
"The teachers, the school district, and the school board were very motivated to avoid arbitration. I don't think anyone wanted to do that. I think what changed was a real focused interest to get this settled."

This is just a tentative agreement, because the district still needs to vote on the contract at its next meeting and members of the teachers association also have to approve the agreement.