Multi Million Dollar Home Destroyed

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A Washoe Valley family is left homeless right before the holidays after a fire destroys their multi-million-dollar home.
Fortunately no one was injured because the family was away when the fire started.
Firefighters and neighbors were also concerned about the fire spreading but the home was surrounded by plenty of open space.
Neighbors watched in shock as the home of Fred and Joan Sour was destroyed by fire. The 2-story house, which was decked with Christmas lights and raindeer displays, was on the market, selling for one-point- seven million dollars.
Neighbors say the Sours have lived here for years and were hoping to move into Reno.
Firefighters from NDF, Reno Fire and volunteer agencies used water tenders and ran a supply line about a half mile down the street to pump more water from fire hydrants. They say the home was fully involved when they arrived causing the roof to collapse.