Casino Expansion

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Two weeks after the Peppermill broke ground on its casino expansion...the Atlantis is hinting at that.
Tonight, the Reno Planning Commission took up the issue of re-zoning the Virginia Street property.
North of the casino...sits nearly 19 acres.
There's the Sierra marketplace, where Smith's Food and Drug has been the mainstay of that shopping center for years.
The grocery store has since closed, as well as several other businesses.
The Atlantis, whose parent company owns the property, wants to revitalize the re-zoning it for hotel/casino use.
Currently, there's a few stores still open...but nothing like what casino executives are hoping for.
Not many details are being released about the plan.
But, it could mean another resort destination...similar to the Peppermill expansion or the Stations Casino project moving to south Reno.
The Peppermill expansion calls for convention space and parking over the next year.
Something desperately needed for the market to re-invent itself.