Excessive Force Lawsuit Settled

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The city of Sparks and a Sparks police officer have reached a settlement with a black teenager in a federal lawsuit alleging excessive force and racism by the police officer
Officials say 18-year-old Courtney Feemster received 65-hundred
The city says the settlement is not an admission of liability or
wrongdoing. The city settled because of litigation costs, existing
caseload burdens and the time it takes to resolve a case.
The lawsuit, filed by Terri Keyser-Cooper and Diane
Vaillancourt, contends that Feemster, then 17, was mistreated when
she was in Longford Park in Sparks and a fight developed in another
part of the park.
Feemster alleged racism because she was treated differently than
her white girlfriend, who was standing next to her.
It was the third lawsuit Keyser-Cooper filed against Tracy, an
eight-year veteran. Last month, the city of Sparks and Tracy
reached an agreement to give 125-thousand dollars to the family of
a 23-year-old man who was fatally shot by Tracy outside a 7-Eleven
in Sparks.