1,000 Days In Iraq

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The Reno Anti War Coalition held a candlelight vigil in Downtown Reno Tuesday night to coincide with events put on all over the country.
Demonstrators lit candles and huddled to keep warm as they sang songs to commemorate the 1000th day of the War in Iraq. The group also paid tribute to U.S. soldiers who have died in Iraq, that number is now up to 2,144. And even though they are opposed to the war, demonstrators insist that is not a reflection of how they feel about supporting our troops.
Only about 20 people turned out for the event, a much smaller group than we've seen at other demonstrations. But they say in spite of low turnout, public opinion seems to be turning in their favor. A recent CBS/New York Tims poll shows 68% of Americans feel Presdient Bush does not have a plan for victory in Iraq....even as the Presdient's approval rating has climbed up to 42%.