New Way Of Policing

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Community Service Officers at Reno Police's substation handle a seemingly endless stream of incident reports; both on the phone and in person.

And that's exactly what the department wants you to do: report your own incidents instead of instinctively calling 911 when it's not a life-threatening emergency.

Reno police describe non-emergency incidents as non-injury traffic accidents, non-violent domestic disputes, minor theft where suspects are unknown, annoying phone calls and disputes with neighbors...among other things.

There are several ways to file an incident report. One, is to stop by a police station and fill out this Reno Police Department Statement.

Or, go on line to the City of Reno's website. Follow the links to the Reno Police Department, and then to the Minor Incident Reporting section.

You can also call one of the substations and file your report over the phone or in person.

Stead Substation 677-6880
Central Substation 334-2550
Neil Road Substation 689-2960
Reno Police Dept. 334-2175