Amazon Rush

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This is a peak week for Amazon-dot-com.
We're talking about hundreds of thousands of presents being shipped out a day.
And, the hub of it all...right here in Fernley, Nevada.
Since 1999, Amazon-dot-com's fulfillment center in Fernley...has been the gateway to the West.
It's the only facility, west of Oklahoma, that sorts and ships packages.
The holidays is when this company is really tested.
Last year, it set a single day record of two-point-eight million items ordered in one day.
And, can you believe it...this Christmas is expected to be even busier.
One reason: offering it's first ever membership to the online giant.
It's called "prime."
We saw one "prime" order online, and the package was ready to be shipped in less than two hours.
Guess what it was? A digital camera...some of the "hot" sellers this year.
Also, gift certificates.
A half million were bought the month before Christmas last year.
This year should be no different.
Company officials say high gas prices...are forcing people to order more presents this year on-line.
And, there's still plenty of time to ship those holiday presents.
Non-prime members you have three days. Prime members seven days...if you want them there by Christmas.