Bizarre Hold-Up In Sparks

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It all happened in a crowded shopping Continental Currency was opening up for another busy holiday rush.
These check cashing places seem to be the target of thieves.
Three robberies so far this holiday season.
But, by far, the one this morning was the most odd.
A store employee says a hispanic man, in his 30s or 40s, wearing a beanie style hat and sunglasses...walked into the store.
She says he had a gallon of gasoline, and if she didn't give him money...he would light the place on fire.
Sparks police say when she went to call 9-11, she saw the computers and counter burning up.
The bank robber left on foot, and was last seen heading towards Paradise Park.
In the meantime, two people were coming into the store.
They saw the flames.
One went inside and grabbed a fire extinguisher.
Firefighters say he put out most of the blaze...before they even got there.