Business Partner Murder

Business Partner Murder
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49-year old Wes White and 63-year old Sergey DaSilva worked together for a year and a half, before White fired DaSilva in February of this year.

According to White's attorney that's when DaSilva's behavior became erratic: stalking Skyline Trim Center's employees and verbally harassing members of the White family.

DaSilva's termination had prompted him to file a civil suit against White.
White retaliated with one of his own and a criminal suit, alleging DaSilva had embezzled 5-thousand dollars by writing a company check to himself, for which he was arrested.

Rod Sumpter, White's attorney, maintains that had the police and district attorney's office acted timely, the murder could have been avoided.

The district attorney office, however, says they recommended the criminal case be prosecuted solely as a civil one because there were clearly enough issues between the two men. And, that there were never any reports of violations of the restraining order for them to investigate.

No one could talk on behalf of DaSilva... As his business, "Auto Beautification" on South Wells Avenue is closed.

The White family also plans to pursue wrongful death claims against the DaSilva family.

They also intend to keep the 25-year old family business -- Skyline Trim Center -- up and running...because that's what Wes would have wanted.