SWAT Stand-Off Ends Peacefully

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Michael Dolezal was tear-gassed out of his apartment in the Evergreen Complex on Brinkby Avenue after a six hour stand-off with police Tuesday night. He is accused of firing his gun through the roof and threatening to blow up his mother's oxygen tanks that were inside the apartment.
Neighbors who were evacuated say police have come to Dolezal's apartment before, because he is mentally unstable and suffers from a drug problem. That's why police say they chose not to move quickly in this situation. They spent hours shouting his name, trying to talk him out, and also tossed a cell phone through the window to communicate with him.
Police got a search warrent that was delievered to the scene at around 9 p.m. Soon after, they moved in.
Dolezal was arrested and taken in for a mental evaluation.