Court Case Gets National Attention

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A national television audience has its eyes glued to the trial of a Gardnerville man.
Court T-V is streaming the case worldwide over the web.
All eyes are on Michael J. Ward...literally.
He's being streamed all over the world.
Ward's trial is featured on Court T-V extra, a web service the network opened up to subscribers last fall.
Ward is charged in the beating death of Jeffrey Clayton John.
His attorney argues his client acted in self defense...because he says Clayton died of a heart attack during the June brawl, not from injuries sustained in the fight.
Judge Michael Gibbons allowed cameras in the the trial wouldn't be decided in the media.
The way it works is that a photographer shoots the trial. It is then broadcast over the internet with like a 25 second delay.
Court T-V is able to take the video and audio signals, digitize them...and translate them easily over the web.
Sort of like how News Channel 8 broadcasts live...without our big truck.
Judge Gibbons supports the way technology is moving.
He says this is a great opportunity to see the American legal system in action.
This is the first time a trial has been broadcast LIVE beyond Douglas County's borders.
Court T-V says it's a hit, and the wave of the future for cameras in the courtroom.