Shop With A Cop

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What's on your gift list this year?
This morning more than a hundred children took their list to shop with a cop for things that wouldn't make it to their home without today's help.

Janay Sherven, who organizes the event each year for the Nevada Highway Patrol, says it gets better every year.
"This program began many, many, many years ago and originally the Nevada highway patrol took about ten children shopping and then we expanded it several years ago. This is our 13th year where we've involved all law enforcement agencies."

103 children were registered to shop through referrals from local law enforcement and social services agencies.
Washoe County has about 5-to-6-thousand people who are homeless, and half of them are women and children.
While those shopping may have a home, many lack the essential items-like a winter coat- to get by in northern Nevada.

Sgt. Doug Brady, with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office, says it's important for him to shop with these kids.
"When you're dealing with kids who, for the lack of a better word are underprivileged, and all they want before toys are socks, it touches your heart every time. So, that's what you do."

Since Shop with a cop is a non-profit organization, the group does not have to pay sales tax, and they say KMart opened the store early and offered an additional 10-percent discount on all the items.
It also worth noting, that when it came time to check out... we noticed many officers taking out their own money and pay the difference in the bill.

For more information you can go to the organization's website at