New Voter Registration System Not Ready

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State and local election officials meet Thursday in Las Vegas to work out final details of an alternative to a statewide voter registration system that won't be ready for the start of Nevada's 2006 election cycle.
Representatives of Secretary of State Dean Heller's office and
various clerks and registrars from around the state will meet in
the office of Clark County Registrar Larry Lomax to finalize their
"Plan B" solution to a federal mandate on voter registration.
A system linking the 17 counties and Heller's office is being
developed by Covansys, under a four-point-six (m) million-dollar
contract. But Heller says it won't be ready by a January first
The alternative is a bottom-up system using existing computer
systems to feed voter registration information from county election
officials to Heller's office, which will maintain a database that
can be checked to guard against any voter registration fraud or
other problems.