Hospital Patients Make a Move

Kristine Rensing came to Carson Tahoe Hospital last Wednesday with breathing difficulties.
" I had trouble was scary. ((as scary as this?)) NO this is worse."
Plans to move patients like Kristine have been in the works for a year now. That's because changing locations involves more than patients. Beds, staff, and other equipment also need to head down the road. For patients that may have meant a couple of floors, down the hallway and a full checkout.
Then it was onto one of ten ambulances for a short ride down the street. Kristine's room and floor have already been predetermined..with medical staff at the new hospital..she is whisked upstairs to the third floor, and into her room.
" I can't believe it this whole operation was great how did you do it."
Cathy Dinauer registered nurse and moving coordinator says the hospital set is priorities. " The main thing was to make sure our patients are safe, they are comfortable and get them where they need to be"
In all it took personnel a total of four hours and twenty minutes to move the 51-patients .The first baby born at the new hospital made her appearance at four-thirteen Saturday Afternoon.
Hospital officials say they realize not everyone got the word about the hospital closure on Fleischmann Way, that's why there nine-one-one outside the old emergency room so that patients get the help they need.