Casino Shooting Investigation Continues

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Investigators do know the suspect -- Harvey Ex -- purchased his gun at "Guns of Tahoe" the morning of the shooting. The store owner says that while Ex did everything right to make the purchase, he says he was acting somewhat suspicious.

What 53-year old Ex did between purchasing the .32 caliber and the shooting in Harrah's just a few hours later on Saturday afternoon isn't known.

But Sargent Tom Mezzetta says the Douglas County Sheriff's Office has concluded that Ex was despondent and suicidal...not to mention someone with an extensive criminal past in California.

When deputies were called out to Harrah's "Diamond High Limit Lounge," Mezzetta says Ex fired the first of five rounds, three of which hit Deputies Dan Nelson and Eric Essinger. They fired back 9 times, immediately killing Ex.

Harrah's hotel casino says it's business as usual for them. Natives and tourists of South Lake Tahoe says that while the shooting is unsettling, it will not keep them from spending time in this resort town.

Harrah's director of communications says the hotel/casino's security system is extensive. But he says they will conduct their own internal investigation to reevaluate the scenario.