More Rebate Checks Mailed

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More than 91-thousand rebate checks, totaling nearly eight (m) million dollars, have been mailed to Nevadans who didn't get earlier rebates of motor vehicle fees.
Governor Guinn says the checks sent out over the weekend
included 75-dollar checks to more than 77-thousand people over age
65 as of last January who had a driver's license in 2004 but didn't
register a car that year.
The rest of the latest recipients included about 14-thousand
people who were left out of a mass mailing in September of vehicle
fee rebates totaling nearly 272 (m) million dollars. They weren't
included in the earlier mailing because they had paid 2004
registration fees early or late.
The elderly Nevadans just now getting checks didn't get one in
the September mailing because a legal opinion that they were
entitled to the rebate wasn't issued until just before that first