Casino Shooting

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The mix of money, alcohol, and tourists just wanting to have a fun vacation can often cause tempers and emotions to flare... that's just one of the reasons why you can always spot security guards roaming the property.
According to the Associated press, a female acquaintance of 53-year old Harvey Ex of Sunset Beach, California, reported him to security at the resort because she was worried.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is still not releasing the details as to what happened next leading two officers to fire back at Ex, killling him.
According to the Sheriff's Office, Ex injured two deputies, Dan Nelson and Eric Essinger.
Nelson was shot in his forearm and hip; the abdomen, but he was wearing a bullet proof vest.
Both men have been released from the hospital and are recuperating at home.

Sheriff Ron Pierini says they are on a paid administrative leave while the investigation continues.
"Harrah's Casino has an excellent security department and they assisted us a great deal after the incident happened. I do not know if they had any involvement during the incident... secured the scene and cooperated 100%."

A spokesman for Harrah's says they are not commenting about specific details, and are waiting for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office to continue the investigation.
But, Sunday afternoon the tourists were back out shopping and skiing at South Lake Tahoe... many not even knowing anything had happened the day before.

Laibing Rhodes, visiting from Sacramento, spent the day playing in the snow with her husband.
"I don't feel unsafe or not secure. Maybe occasionally everywhere will have a shooting or something. But, it's not very popular crime... I don't think so."

Rachel Greshler, of South Lake Tahoe, says she has lived up at the lake for almost a year and a half.
She's says it's a great place to live.
"I feel relatively safe all the time here. The issues happening at the casinos is really news to a lot of people. But, I feel really safe when I come here. There's lots of guards, there's lots of people. So, I never feel like my safety's in jeopardy or anything."

Kim Wicker, visiting with her daughter and sister, hadn't heard anything about the shooting, and she says they were at Harrah's Saturday afternoon.
"I feel safe because it's small. It's not really that huge. I'm safe.... It's beautiful, it's nice, peaceful."

That peaceful feeling is exactly what tourist officials want to maintain, especially as the winter ski season is just starting to kick off.