Discount Health Plan Follow-Up

We waited on the phone for about 30-minutes, and were eventually cut off after being transferred to the business office of Smark Health Care Solutions, located in Tempe, Arizona. I called back and introduced myself.

"This is Terri Russell calling from News Channel 8 in Reno Nevada."
Operator: "Ah huh"

"We purchased a Smart Health Care Solutions Card from your company about a month ago."

Jennifer passed the call on to a man named Bob. Who gave me the name of an Obgyn who would take the card.

Bob: I've got Ricardo Garcia:

Russell: they don't take your card

Bob: Ok, when you say they don't take our card what do you mean by that, did you go into the doctor's office yourself?

Russell: I talked to their business manager.

Bob: That was Dora?

Russell: No that is LeAnn Sullivan.

Lee Ann Sullivan of the The Medical Group of Northern Nevada told us, " I have to explain to them that they don't have coverage and they have basically paid for nothing."
In the Smart Health Care Solutions hand book under terms and Medical Terms and Conditions, the company states neither it nor its affiliates are liable for any payments to a provider. But when I bought the policy that wasn't what I was told. The operator talked about the coverage I'd get. ": We cover 80-percent lab and x rays 60-percent dental 65-percent vision and hearing."

Bob told us, "That is definitely not true we are not a payer that is exactly right."
Russell; "Then why did they tell me that."

Bob: "excuse me."

Russell: "Why did they tell me they'd pay 60-percent or 80-percent I have actual verbatims of what they told me."

It important to remember Smart Health Care Solutions isn't an insurance company and in its literature and card state that very clearly. What they will tell you is they are affiliated with networks which provide discount fees. While that may be true, those networks are insurances, smart health care solutions is not and cannot guaranteed lower rates.

Russell: "You are not an insurance company and B you are not licensed in the state of Nevada to do business as required by state law. So they don't have to give anybody a discount, they don't have to give a discount."