Apartment Fire: The Day After

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Of the 69 units in building 3 of the Sun Dance West complex, 6 were seriously damaged... either from flames, smoke or water.

Property managers say the residents from those units will be relocated to other units in the complex.

For the other tenants, their apartments are intact.

"I've been very lucky. Of course, there's smoke smell throughout the building. Of course, I have that too, but it's not that bad...not that bad," says Tom Vrana, a Sun Dance West resident.

Vrana has only been here one month...and when the fire hit, he didn't want to impose on strangers for help. So he and two others took up the Salvation Army's offer for shelter at Wooster High School.

"The Red Cross was wonderful about getting the help that we needed right away and they were just so catering to everything that we needed. It was very welcomed sight, I was glad to see them."

Vrana tells us he's in desperate need of sleep and plans on getting a good night's rest at a hotel.

Nevertheless, the Red Cross plans to provide for a second night at the shelter, just in case people need their services.

"Some of them may come to the shelter tonight, so we have a staff there ready to receive them when they come in: tell them what's going on, feed them, et cetera. If not, then we'll just desist what's going on and move on from there," says George Schofield, a Red Cross Shelter Manager.

Despite the damage to those 6 units...and of course the inconvenience, no people or pets died or were even hurt in this fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.