Shopping Frenzy

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The wait was worth it... according to those who started to line up outside the Best Buy in south Reno at Five o'clock Thursday night, but they were treated with hot coffee and doughnuts during the wait.
Just minutes after the doors opened, people started pouring out ready to hit the next store.

Michelle Waffle, and her sister, say getting out this early is fun.
"We're visiting our mom, we're from Sacramento. We just came out here to go shopping for her. She dropped us off and we're going to go in and get some stuff."

According to Reuters, the Thanksgiving weekend made up more than 9% of holiday sales.
That's why retailers call this Black Friday.

Cynthia Moore, with Meadowod Mall, says it's generally the first day they will begin to show a profit bringing their records out of the red into the black."
"Meadowood Mall has been trending in double-digit increases this entire year. So, we have no reason to expect anything less than a significant holiday season."

Forecasting holiday sales can be tricky each year, but the national retail federation trade group say it's actually going to be better than they first thought... even though a recent survey predicts you'll spend ten dollars less this year on gifts, averaging about 466-dollars for the entire season.
But, you also have more shopping days this year because Thanksgiving fell so early, giving you 30 days this year, which hasn't happened since 1992.