Hug Gets Big Community Boost

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Thanks to the generousity of our community, the Hug High football team now has $15,000 to get their boosters down to this weekend's big state semi-final match-up in Las Vegas.
And it all started with a story you saw here on NewsChannel 8.
When people heard that Hug could only afford one bus for the team and coaches...donations began pouring in so that the band, cheerleaders and fans can also get down to Vegas.
Hug's new principal says all of this support is yet another step towards helping the school shed a reputation it doesn't deserve.
The community is doing just that by donating a bus and more than 15 thousand dollars to get fans down to Las Vegas this weekend for the playoff game. Its a huge boost for moral considering that less than 24 hours ago school officials and parents had no idea how they would pull off this pricey trip. Most schools have a booster club to pick up the tab but Hug is one of the poorest schools in the district.
Coach Rollins Stallworth says its instilled a sense of pride and achievement in his players that he hopes will not only impact the football field....but also touch each and every student at hug high.