Omega Three Health

Lab mice at the Universtiy of Nevada's College of Agriculture may ultimately let researchers like Dr. Ron Pardini know if they are headed down the right path in the search for effective cancer treatment and prevention.
Microbiologist Dr. Pardini and his colleagues are using the mice to see if omega three fatty acids have an effect on cancerous tumors.
So far Dr. Pardini says the results are encouraging.
": We feed mice with omega three fatty acids and we are able suppress tumor growth in our mice."
Dr. Pardini says there's nothing new about omega threes...over the centuries the essential fatty acid has slowly diminished from our diet. Ancient man who lived next to water he says took in a high volume of omega threes from fish. But modern agriculture has replaced omega threes--with omega six fatty acids. These acids are found in grain based oils like corn oil and when compared to omega three acids run a ratio of about 15-to-one in the American Diet. Dr. Pardini says its this ratio that may play a role in developing cancer.
But it doesn't stop there, Heart specialist have recommended four-grams of omega threes a day for their patients.
Research shows the fatty acids can help stabilize the electrical system of the heart..reduce inflammation, and increases good cholesterol in the body.
The fatty acids have been shown to enhance neurological and vision development in babies....and on the other end of the spectrum adults who have incorporated omega threes in their diet may be reducing their risk of developing alzheimer's. Dr. RIck Hanke a local family physician and geriatric specialist says, " It appears increasing omega three fatty acids decrease plague development another thought is it may decrease inflammation in the brain."
Dr. Hanke says the Alzheimer's connection comes from brand new research, and is included in the Alzheimer's Association's "Maintain your Brain" workshop.
Those workshops will be getting underway locally, beginning in Elko.
For more information contact the local Alzheimer's Association.