Sparks P.D. Changes Alarm Policy

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Sparks Police say they're doing this because 99 percent of alarms they respond to are false, which they say is a waste of their time and taxpayer money.

The department wants to focus more on patrol and investigations, so it'll now be up to security companies to verify their customer alarms, and then police will respond only if they turn out to be the real thing.

We talked to a number of local security alarm companies, many of them say they were caught off guard by this policy change. They say they wish police had notified them beforehand, so they could come up with a compromise or other alternatives.

Now these companies will have to hire more employees, or contract with private guards to verify alarms. It’ a cost that will be passed on to consumers. Others say even though customers will pay more, it will be worth it...because they'll get a quicker response.

There will be several community meetings on the new policy, all of them at the Sparks Police Department. They'll take place on Dec. 5 and 6, both at 7 p.m., also on Dec.8 at 1 p.m.