20 NV Lawmakers Attend Invitation-Only NRA Event

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LAS VEGAS, Nev. -- Organizers say nearly one-third of Nevada's 63 lawmakers attended an invitation-only event hosted by the National Rifle Association on Saturday at a Las Vegas shooting range.

Assemblywoman Michele Fiore says about 20 lawmakers from southern Nevada were educated on the history and use of various firearms before being allowed to fire them at Battlefield Vegas.

The Las Vegas Republican says a similar event is planned for northern Nevada lawmakers in coming weeks.

Fiore says more Democrats than Republicans attended Saturday's event. But she declined to identify them, saying they asked for privacy.

A group of protesters greeted lawmakers as they entered the shooting range. They waved signs reading "More Schools, Less Guns" and "Not Gun Grabber, Just Common Sense."

The Legislature is expected to tackle gun legislation this year.