Shooting Survivor

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Nearly three weeks after a friend shot him in the face, a Fernley man is back home from the hospital.
In a News Channel 8 exclusive, 26-year-old David Hightower talks about the day that changed his life forever.
David Hightower remembers going over to his friend's girlfriend's house for a party.
They were all drinking...having a good time.
The next thing he knows...he's on his back, and he says his friend is standing over him with a gun.
David Hightower has his mouth wired it's hard for him to talk.
He's in a neck brace.
It's also hard for him to move.
Doctors had to remove a bone from his fix his spine from the first bullet wound.
Hightower says miraculously he has no paralysis, and no numbness in his legs or fingers...if you consider the fact, he was shot from the same distance that I am to him in this interview.
Hightower doesn't know how he survived, or why he says he was shot by his best friend.
All he remembers is coming over to 22-year-old Dustin Fryling's girlfriend's house the morning of November 4th.
He saw the two get into an argument, tried to break it up, and then the rest is a blur.
In the meantime, witnesses say people were jumping out windows...trying to escape the gunfire.
Lyon County sheriff's detectives say Hightower had been in an argument with one of Fryling's relatives earlier, but don't know if that led to the shooting.
Fryling has been charged with attempted murder with a deadly weapon.
His bail was originally 100-thousand dollars but has been reduced to 25-thousand dollars.
Hightower has at least a year of rehabilitation and he does not have medical insurance.
If you would like to help ...a fund has been set-up at Bank of America.