Sharing the Road

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Earlier this month, police say a motorcyclist was speeding when he hit the back of a car that was making a U-turn on Kietzke in South Reno.
Authorities say, although the man was wearing the right safety gear, it didn't help in the crash.

Then just last weekend, police say speed on a rural road in Sun Valley caused 22-year old Michael Harper to fail a turn on seventh avenue going down in the road just as another vehicle was coming the other direction.
Again, police say the full-face helmut could not protect him from the road or oncoming traffic.

Sgt. Ron Larson, with the Nevada Highway Patrol, says it's up to the motorcyclist to be as aware as possible.
He says this actually, usually makes them very good drivers.

"You can see the motor vehicle, but the motor vehicle can't always see you. You may come up alongside on the right or left side, in their blind spot, they may not see you. They may try to make a sudden lane change and not see you in that blind spot."

Saturday night, police say a 58-year old man on a motorcycle was traveling south on Virginia street, when he hit the rear of a van being driven by 60-year old Boyd Cox... who was traveling north, and turning left on to first street.
The motorcyclist in this accident did die because of his injuries.
This is the third motorcycle death in the area this month.

"They're usually going to be the loser in this case because they're smaller. They don't have any body around them. So, even if they're not at fault, they're going to be the loser."