Science With A Beat

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"We are FMA Live! Force, mass, acceleration."

It's hard not to get these students excited about laws of physics when it's being explained through music, dance, and interactive experiments.
When the 45-minute show is over, more than 12-hundred kids learned about the man behind the motion, Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion.

Seventh grader, Steven Jamison, says he's ready to pursue a new career after today's excitement.
"I'm teaching you need another force to stop you. I think it's really fun. I'd like to be a scientist when I grow up."

Laurie Hayworth was one of 148 teachers from around the world who were selected to attend a NASA space camp this last summer.
From that, she learned about the award-winning FMA Live! tour, and applied to get her school included in the line-up.
"Learning it this way is going to let them see the focus and the excitement of where they're going, instead of just reading something in a book."

Seventh grader, Shelly Tone, says she learned a lot at school today.
"I actually got to learn the three laws because I never paid attention before. But, now they acted it out, I understand it."

And, this group says any good end to a show involves a well-known teacher.... and a very big pie to combine all three laws.