First Hand Opinion

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We first introduced you to the Garlocks back in March of 2003.
Three of their family members were being shipped out to Iraq.
Since then, they've served two tours of duty in the Middle East.
One son is still fighting the insurgents today.
The Garlocks say pulling out now...would make of all that progress in vain.
First Lieutenant Troy Garlock has been home since February 22nd.
Since then, he's been hearing all the talk...of how the troops should come home immediately.
Garlock says that job is far from over.
He says the marines, for the most part, have killed the enemy.
But, now comes the humanitarian effort.
Garlock says the troops are still training the Iraqis, and the government is NOT yet in place.
Garlock's father says he experienced this same kind of thing serving in Vietnam...when the government wanted to pull out early.
He says if there's no support back home...morale overseas is low.
Garlock says he's taught his children to see this war through.
From talking to his sons, he says the insurgents are as strong as ever.
Leaving the country now...would send the wrong message NOT only to them, but to the American people.