Heidi's Stud Farm

Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss says she's leaving Los Angeles for a permanent Nevada residents to begin a new endeavor.
She's joining with Nevada Brothel Owner Joe Richards to remodel and change the name of his existing bordello called the Cherry Patch to a male brothel catering to women.
George Flint is a lobbiest for the Nevada Brothel Association and says if approved the new brothel might be a novelty at first, "She would be a bigger draw maybe at first, than the concept of what they are trying to sell which is prositution for women."
The Cherry Patch is located about 20-miles north of Pahrump in Nye County. Ultimately it will be up to commissioner there to approve the change. For her part Fleiss will not be an owner but a hostess/ madam. It means the convicted felon will need a work card.
Fllint says he doesn't necessarily see that as a stumbling block. " She can use that grounds for how could you license Conforte or Miltenburger and turn me away for a simple work card."
Fllint says the idea is not new...it has just not been pursued. That's because while traditional brothels in Nevada have been known to make money--for some a lot of money, the financial viability of a male brothel is unknown. Flint says it really comes down to the difference between men and women, " Joe Conforte tried it briefly about 25 or 30 years ago when he first had Mustang. He told me, I was kind of a student, he told me that it was a bad idea because entertaining a man and entertaining a woman were two different things.