High Anxiety - Thursday

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Jennifer Winburn says, "The person learns to relax. Their muscles are holding themselves tight and the massage shows them it's good to let it all go."

Patients say this can bring some welcome relief from tension and stress.

And for many the $50 to $90 per hour price tag is worth it.

The key is taking care of yourself whether it be a massage or just spending some quite time alone; doctors say it will help with anxiety.

Psychotherapist Tom Lavin says working out is also a good outlet. "Things like physical exercise, when my grandma says blowing off some steam and releasing energy out of the body that is very important physically."

He says going to the gym, running, anything active to help you stay positive.

Lavin says, "What we think determines how we feel. People with anxiety tend to have negative and pessimistic thoughts."

Be aware of those thoughts and look at the brighter side of things. By doing that things will be put into a positive perspective helping your anxiety become bearable.