Police Blame Gangs For Shooting

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RENO, NV - Two teenagers are dead; one is still clinging to life. A 21 year old man faces double murder charges in the wake of Tuesday’s shooting in southeast Reno.

Investigators spent a long evening and morning gathering statements and piecing together exactly what happened Tuesday. They now believe they have the full account. It's a story of escalating violence between rival gangs.

Wednesday, a blood stained driveway marks the spot where the confrontation began with a verbal argument that quickly led to gunfire. One youth, 17 year old Jose Alonso Anguiano died here, 2 others fled south toward the park through an open field between the neighborhood and the freeway. A makeshift memorial marks the spot where 16 year old Christian Humberto Barajas died. Graffiti on the fence nearby reads rest in piece, Creeper and Alonzo.

A 15 year old managed to stumble into the park wounded. He was carried back to where paramedics worked to save his companion. He's in critical condition with a wound to his abdomen.

There was no lack of witnesses and investigators quickly identified the man believed to be the gunman, 21 year old Juan Marquez DeSantiago. He was arrested a short distance away on 2 counts of Open Murder and One of Battery with a Deadly Weapon.
Now the concern is the possibility of retaliation. Members of Reno's Gang Unit will be working overtime to prevent more violence in the days ahead.

"They will be doing increased patrols in the area working 12 hour shifts until this quiets down," says Reno Police Lieutenant Bob McDonald. "There will be events in the coming days, funerals and the like and they will be a presence there as well.