Transportation Future

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What kind of transportation system would *you like for the future?
That's the question the R-T-C will be its meeting tomorrow at Lawlor Events Center.
Whether it's bus rapid transit, a light rail, monorail, or a modified bus system...RTC says the future is in your hands.
Whatever you choose...comes the question, how do you pay for it?
Public transportation has taken on a whole new look...since the beginning of the 21st century.
Las Vegas climbed on board...with its monorail in 2000.
Seattle has one as well.
There's also light rail, used in most urban cities, and bus rapid transit, which is similar to a bus but streamlined and double the size.
Light rail systems can cost a city around 20-million dollars a mile.
Monorail is even more expensive.
The Las Vegas monorail cost $650-million.
A project like this one...would cost a billion dollars.
But, RTC says it has to do something...with the Virginia Street Corridor.
This 11-mile stretch, from North McCarran to the Mount Rose Highway, is one of the most heavily traveled in Reno.
RTC has set aside forty to sixty million put in a new transit system.
This includes 12 million dollars in federal grants.
Any advanced system would most likely require bonds to build.
That's where you come in.
Again, that meeting is tomorrow night...on the campus of the University of Nevada.
The RTC Open House will take place at Lawlor Events Center, starting at 4:30 and goes until 7:30.
You can leave a comment or speak on what you want for the future of public transportation in Northern Nevada.