Health Sham

The commercials hope to address the growing trend of consumers falling victim to promises kept, promises broken.Specifically as they apply to the health insurance industry.
Kim Everett is with Nevada's Insurance DIvison.

"The purpose of these ads is to make sure the consumer is aware of what they have purchased that it is fulfilling the needs of what their anticipated needs are."

Everett says many of the insurance policies they refer to are legitimate and licensed within the state of Nevada.
The problem arises when agents and others make guarantees about the insurance in order to sell it.
When I comes time for the insurance to meet up to its promised obligations it doesn't deliver.

" Exclusion and limitations have to be outlined and specified in the policy." says Everett

Everett says be careful too when insurers make claims like brand new, new and improved. That may lead you to believe there's a way to circumvent traditional insurance. Most likely she says insurance dealers are misleading you and as one ad shows, they will drive off into the sunset with your money in hand.